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Logistical Enterprises is California's trusted DBE supplier for traffic signal equipment.

DRivera Enterprises Inc. dba Logistical Enterprises:
Founded in 2009 to provide materials for contractors benefiting through a DBE partnership on projects throughout California. Since then, Logistical Enterprises has expanded its offices, and warehouse space, to efficiently provide to all of its customer base. Centrally located in Clovis, CA, Logistical Enterprises is continually expanding its product line, and services to maintain the level of service that its customers have come to expect. - Doing what we do best, connecting people with products.

How We Do it

Logistical Enterprises maintains our Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) certification, by working with our supply partners and contractors so that we can provide a Commercially Useful Function (CUF) for each project we work on.
  • Quality

    We provide high-quality traffic signal equipment that exceeds industry standards. Our products ensure road safety and minimize traffic congestion, from lights, to galvanized poles, and controller cabinets built to last. We take pride in providing reliable products to meet customer needs.

  • Integrity

    Integrity is a core value at our company that guides our personal and professional actions. We prioritize ethical behavior and transparency in all our interactions, building trust and confidence with clients. Through our commitment to integrity, we make decisions that prioritize the long-term benefits of our company and those we serve.

  • Excellence

    We are a company that strives for excellence in everything we do. We continuously work to improve our processes, systems, and service quality to supply our clients with products that meet their expectations.

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Carmanah Technology’s has devise that can help. Radar Feedback Signs, shows the driver how fast they are going. School Zone Beacon, the beacon flashes during school hours let’s the drivers know there are children present. Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB) a push button activation system which turns on flashing lights at crosswalk when pedestrian is crossing.
Applied Information allows an agency to remotely connect to their cabinet via a cellular devise. It will receive alerts via text or e-mail if cabinet door is open, if power is lost, view the intersection if video detection is installed, if battery backup is activated and the status of the batteries.
There are multiple Battery Backup Systems, when power is shut off the BBU will turn on and keep the intersection on so traffic can keep flowing smoothly.
Polara has an Accessible Pedestrian Signal (APS) button. A locator tone is beeping continuously so that the impaired can hear it and walk towards the button. When activated the street name to cross will be verbally heard to allow the impaired know what street the person is on to cross. Braille is on the sign to let the person know what street they are waiting to cross.